How to solve z = 2 + 2i, w = sqrt(3) - i

Find the product and the division result from these two equations. First we need to convert these, we get a form we can use for these two equations on the right here. Finding our location for these are is going to be equal to these two squared added together plus the square root, for this well Z well shoot well even though it's 2 I technically not, this ends up being square root of 8 which is 2 root 2 an hour down here it's equal to 3 squared plus 1 squared which gives us 2 alright. Writing these down see the kovin of this is equal to 2 and then 2 plus 2 puts us in quadrant one 45 degrees for W we get actually I screwed up it should be 2 or 2 and this down here should be 2 so this is that's root 3 the minus I that's the negative 30 degrees so technically 330 330 degrees that's weird. I'm multiplying these together we get to root two times two and yet a coterminal angle here the equivalent of this is actually just equal to 15 degrees and then divide these two I get cancel each other out and 45 minus 330 gives us an angle actually just equivalent of 75 so okay just so it's clean go 75 degrees plus I sine of 75 degrees that's it.

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