Solve the graph y=-1/2x

How to graph y equals a negative 1/2 X and we will be doing this by finding the y intercept and the slope. Find the y intercept we know that the y-intercept lies on the y axis where x equals 0 so if we know X equal to 0 we can plug it into our equation over here and we get y equals to negative 1/2 times 0 which equals to 0 so that means we know that the y intercept lies on x equal to 0 and y goes to 0 so this will be where our line is at this and for our slope we look at the number in front of the x value in front the coefficient so in this case is negative 1/2 so for slope what negative 1/2 means is that for every single horizontal unit recall we go down negative 1/2 if your slope is positive 1/2 it would go up 1/2 so since we go down negative 1/2 we go across one the negative 1/2 cross one negative 1/2 and so on so when we connect the dots this is wireline a little quite and on the other side and use your live way to negative 1/2 X so it has a y-intercept at 0 0 and a slope of negative 1/2 and you get all this information from the equation of the line you can also think of negative 1/2 X is plus 0 normally does number over here is what we call a y-intercept but you can easily just find it by setting X equal to 0.

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