Solve the following system of inequalities graphically

The first thing we're going to do is find our x-intercept. We're going to substitute zero in the Y spot. X plus zero equals eight. So X equals 8. Our x-intercept is eight zero. Now we're going to substitute zero for X. So two Y equals 8. Y equals 4 and our y-intercept is zero four. We're going to use these points to graph.

So we're going to plot eight zero and now zero four. Since it's a greater than problem, we're going to draw the dotted line through these two points. To figure out which part to shade, we're going to test a spot on the graph. So we're going to do nine zero. We’re going to substitute 9 for the X value and zero for Y. So we get 9 is greater than 8 which is true. So we are going to shade the upper portion of the graph.

Graph the Inequality x + 2y > 8

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