How to solve graph y = -2x + 4

In this case, we see the negative two is my m and four is my B therefore the slope of my equation represented by M in the general slope-intercept form is going to be negative two for a rise of negative two per run of 1, and the y-intercept represented by being my general equation is going to be 4.

Now to a graph, we going to start with my y-intercept which we said is 4 so it crosses the y axis at 4 from there my slope tells me I need to go down 1 2, and over 1 and I can do this repeatedly down 1 2 over 1 and put new dots there to represent the line as you'll see each time you go down 2 and over 1 we maintain a nice straight line and if we want to go from the start we can also go up 2 and back 1 that's going to be equivalent just going in the opposite direction finally. I can connect them all so this straight line represents all possible solutions all XY pairs which satisfy this equation this linear equation y equals negative 2x plus 4 hope that helps remember we start where the y-intercept is and then we follow the slope thank you very much.

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