How to solve the hyperbola x^2 - y^2 = 4?

We’re going to end up here with x squared over four minus y squared over four is equal to one. The center of this is going to be located at 0,0. Transverse axis is going to be the x-axis. That's going to be where the parabolas open up.

Vertices are going to be (-2,0), (2,0), and then the foci is going to be located at 4 plus 4 or square root of 8 which is equal to 2 root 2. So that's going to be negative 2 root 2, and 2 root 2, and the asymptotes are going to be plus or minus x. Now let’s draw a graph here. Foci is going to be located at two root two is 2.8 2. And that's it!

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